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State Officers

Board Of Directors 

Board of Directors Corporate Meetings

Annual Corporate Member Meeting:
Held During the Annual Spring Missouri TSA Championships Conference

There is the one official meeting each year of the corporate members of the Missouri TSA Corporation. The local school district's Technology and Engineering Education teachers or administrator appointed teacher represents that the local chartered chapter of this corporation. In accordance with the Missouri TSA Incorporation bylaws, the corporate members shall meet during the annual Missouri TSA Championships Conference held each spring.

Board of Directors Meetings

Board Member Training and Planning:
June 4-8, 2018
Missouri University of Science & Technology 
Rolla, Missouri 65409

Candidate Interviews:

Attention Officer Candidates:

Officer candidates are required to schedule a 30-minute interview with the interview committee, which is comprised of three to five members of the Missouri TSA Board of Directors.  All interviews will be conducted at the annual winter meeting of the Board of Directors and State Officers in February.  See calendar for details.

Attention Missouri TSA Advisors:

If you are an advisor of a nationally-affiliated Missouri chartered chapter for the current year when the candidate's are selected, you are encouraged to volunteer to serve as a state officer candidate interviewer. You can volunteer for all or any part of the process. If you are interested, please e-mail Tom Schlimpert at tom.schlimpert@dese.mo.gov and list the available times you are interested in serving on the team.

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 p.m.

Executive Meetings:

Summer Team Meeting
June 4-8, 2018
(Attendance Required)
MO S&T, Rolla, MO

Fall Team Meetings
September 7, 2017 @ MO S&T, Rolla, MO
December 5, 2017 @ MO S&T, Rolla, MO

Winter Team Meeting
February 1, 2018
MO S&T, Rolla, MO