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District Officer Election Procedures

  1. Each district will elect seven (7) officers:  president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, reporter and historian.  (Check your District Constitution).
  2. No school should have more than two (2) officers or candidates.
  3. All schools will be notified at least 30 days in advance of all elections.
  4. All candidate applications must be filed with the Senior District Advisor 14 days prior to the election and must contain:
    a.  properly completed and signed application
    b.  resume
    c.  verification of:  2.0 grade point (4 point scale), on target to graduate with class and enrollment in a preparatory trade, technical, industrial or health occupation vocational program during term of office
    d.  letters of endorsement from:
    1. parents -- indicating their support and willingness to allow their student to travel
    2. local SkillsUSA Lead Advisor -- indicating leadership ability and willingness to financially support officer if elected
    3. local Vocational Administrator -- indicating availability of student to attend meetings and willingness to provide travel, supervision and money for student when needed
    4. local Academic Administrator -- indicating ability to miss school, academic ability and leadership potential
  5. All candidate material will be reviewed by the Senior District Advisor to determine that each candidate has met the minimum qualifications.
  6. All qualified candidates will take a written test, based on level 1 and level 2 of the PDP, on the day of the election.
  7. All qualified candidates who score 75% or more on the written test shall be interviewed by the election committee to determine primary or final ballots.
  8. All candidates placed on the ballot shall give a 1 to 3 minute speech before the House of Delegates.
  9. All balloting shall be done by secret ballot.
  10. Winning candidates must have a majority of votes cast (50% + 1 vote).
  11. Officers will be installed during the awards ceremony.

NOTE:  Election Committee should include at least one of each of the following: Junior District Advisor, present District Officer and Vocational Administrator. The election may or may not place all or any of the interviewed candidates on the ballot.