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District Officer Candidates Requirements

A quality officer candidate is a student who:

  • Has at least one year remaining in the vocational program
  • Has the support at home to be successful
  • Has the support at their home school to be successful
  • Can devote the time and energy necessary to be successful
  • Can work as part of a team
  • Can communicate with their peers
  • Has demonstrated successful academic achievement
  • Has demonstrated knowledge of SkillsUSA

The Senior District Advisor should appoint, by November 1, a search committee for District Officers.  The committee should be composed of at least one student and one advisor per Local Association.  The committee's task is to solicit quality students to apply and run for District SkillsUSA Officer.  The application and recommendations for officer election procedures are included in this section.  The search committee should report to the Senior District Advisor by January 1 as to their success.

District Officers must be elected at the spring District Leadership and Skills Conference. This allows the District to start the New Year with motivated and experienced officers.  The District will also have full representation in the State Secondary Officer election procedure.  Your efforts in recruiting District Officer candidates will be rewarded by the increased number of candidates and a well-planned election.