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General Information

What is Family, Career and Community Leaders of America?

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national organization of students who have taken or are taking a course in family and consumer sciences classes through grade 12. 

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is incorporated as a private, nonprofit career and technical organization.  FCCLA is one of the 10 national career and technical student organizations which operate through career and technical education programs in schools.

How does Family, Career and Community Leaders of America relate to class?

The main goal is the same: to improve personal, family, community, and job/career life.  The family and consumer sciences teacher is the advisor of the chapter.  The teacher/advisor uses the structure of the chapter to give family and consumer sciences students leadership experiences in planning and directing their own activities that in turn give family and consumer sciences class more meaning.

What is Comprehensive and Occupational?

FCCLA members maybe classified as either a comprehensive member or an occupational member.  Comprehensive members are taking or have taken courses in family and consumer sciences that are broad in scope and content related to the many areas of family and consumer sciences.  Occupational members are students who have or are taking courses to prepare them for entry-level or advanced career.  This classification is used for internal organization purposes relating to some programs and representation of officers.

Chapter projects focus on a variety of youth concerns, including nutrition and fitness, teen pregnancy, strengthening family relationships, financial literacy, working with children and the elderly, entrepreneurship, violence prevention, and career exploration.


Who may join?

Any student who has taken or is taking a course in family and consumer sciences education may join an established chapter in his or her school.  Chapters are found in public and private middle and high schools.  There are chapters in all 50 states; Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico; and the Virgin Islands.

Membership is voluntary for all students who have taken or are taking a course in family and consumer sciences education.  Both young women and men are members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

How is Family, Career and Community Leaders of America financed?

FCCLA is supported primarily by student membership dues paid annually.  The organization also seeks individual, corporate, and foundation gifts.  State association dues are set by each association and are voted on by the state membership.  Regional and chapter dues are set by each individual group and approved by the members.  In addition, chapters may receive money through donations, grants, and fundraising activities.

What does your membership support?

  • National member magazine, Teen Times;
  • Newsletter for adult leaders, The Adviser;
  • Mailings to chapters;
  • National program development;
  • Program workbooks and chapter resources;
  • Training for adult and student leaders;
  • National promotion of the organization;
  • Membership cards and membership processing fees;
  • Membership promotion;
  • National Board of Directors and National Executive Council activities;
  • Expenses related to raising money and seeking corporate sponsors;
  • Operating expenses of the national headquarters and staff;
  • Experiences that help you develop your own leadership style and job skills by attending regional, state, and national conferences;
  • Activities and personal successes that you can include on job, school, and scholarship applications;
  • Activities and costs associated with running a state-level organization with 17 state executive council members;
  • Missouri FCCLA Legislative Shadowing Program;
  • Having the opportunity to run for regional, state, and national FCCLA offices;
  • Participate in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Competitive Events;
  • Missouri FCCLA scholarship fund;
  • State membership pins for each affiliated member.

Membership Dues

All information regarding dues can be found here: ​http://www.mofccla.org/affiliation.html

Affiliation Instructions

Information regarding affiliating can be found here: http://www.mofccla.org/affiliation.html

Middle Level Affiliation Programs

The Middle Level Affiliation Program is designed for middle school chapters with 51 or more members in grades 6-8. National dues are $450 and state dues are $100 regardless on the total number of student members; regional dues are based on 50 members.

Membership Campaign

For information on the National FCCLA "iRecruit" membership campaign, visit: http://fcclainc.org/membership/membership-campaign.php

"Show-Me 5!" membership campaign is Missouri's annual membership campaign to encourage chapters to get 5 new members. All chapters who reach this goal are recognized in the State Leadership Conference program.

Membership Kit

The annual membership kit was mailed in the spring. Resources are available in the affiliation system.

Are you a Missouri FCCLA Star?

This program seeks to give recognition to those chapters whose membership represents a significant percentage of the entire family and consumer sciences education program enrollment.

Star Chapters

These chapters affiliated 50-74% of their school's family and consumer sciences enrollment numbers. For example, a program with 100 students affiliates between 50-74 members.

Shooting Star Chapters

These chapters affiliated 75-99% of the family and consumer sciences education program enrollment numbers. For example, and program with 100 students affiliate between 75-99 members.

Super Star Chapters

These chapters affiliated 100% or more members based on the family and consumer sciences education program enrollment numbers. Therefore, a program with 100 students would affiliate 100 or more members!

Keep in mind that membership includes all Family, Career and Community Leaders of America members, not only those currently taking a course in the family and consumer sciences education program. Therefore, members not currently enrolled do count toward this special recognition.

To determine if you qualify for this recognition:

  • Total your chapter membership (as recorded in the affiliation system).
  • Ask your advisor for the family and consumer sciences education program enrollment number.
  • Divide your membership total into the enrollment number to figure the percentage.
  • Determine if your chapter is a STAR, SHOOTING STAR, or SUPER STAR Chapter!
  • Attend the annual State Leadership Conference to receive recognition.

Complete the application form on the forms and applications page and submit it to the state advisor by February 15.

Alumni & Associates

General Information

  • Are you interested in remaining involved in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America after you graduate?
  • Are you interested in supporting Family and Consumer Sciences Education in Missouri?
  • Would you like to assist the organization as a resource person in the areas of leadership development?
  • Would you like to see the visibility and promotion of FCCLA increased?
  • Would you like to be a member of one of the largest FCCLA Alumni & Associates organization in the nation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,consider joining Missouri Alumni & Associates!


Membership in Alumni & Associates is $15 for one year and $30 for two years. Membership dues in Missouri support scholarships for student members to attend Leadership Unlimited, and the Take AIM Conference, activities during the State Leadership Conference, and other various activities throughout the year. 

Missouri Alumni & Associates were one of the leaders in the chartering of the Alumni & Associates organization. In fact, Missouri boasts the first chartered member, Betty Garrison! Since it's inception, Missouri A&A has been a strong supporter of FCCLA in our state. Help keep A&A and FCCLA strong - join today!

Alumni & Associates Officers


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