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Start a New Chapter

Step 1 - Find an Advisor

The advisor does not have to be a professor or instructor but cannot be a student at your school. They do however need to be a staff member of your university/college. This organization can very easily be a student driven organization.

Step 2 - Recruit Members

Find potential members in any class around campus. Members do not have to be restricted to business or marketing majors.

Step 3 - Membership

Enter your membership online.

Step 4 - Manage Your Chapter

Collect state dues of $15 per member, open a checking account, hold your first meeting, elect chapter officers, create a constitution and PROMOTE your organization.


Please contact the Missouri Collegiate DECA State Advisor if you have any questions.
Tammy Stains
(phone) 573-751-4367
(email) tammy.stains@dese.mo.gov