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TSA Official Charter Info.

The charter application process is an exciting moment which benchmarks the first steps of achievement in your chapter's historical pilgrimage toward excellence in Leadership.   Please read these guidelines carefully to ensure that your chapter application is processed correctly and in a timely manner.

Application Process
The following steps are in accordance with the Missouri TSA Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation , Article III, Sections 1-11. These steps are designed to guide you through the application process and requirements:

Adopt local chapter bylaws. (Use Chapter Bylaws Sample)

Prepare a list of local chapter members for the current year who support the
  application for an official charter.

Prepare a list of your local chapter officers for the current year.

Send a copy of your local chapter approved rooster to the State Advisor ONLY
  along with a copy of your completed official application form.

NOTE: (The completed official copy of your chapter affiliation form, along with a purchase order should be sent to National TSA, NO MISSOURI CHARTER APPLICATIONS)

Administrative Memos


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