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Registered Youth Apprenticeships

Missouri's Registered Youth Apprenticeship program allows students across the state the opportunity to participate in a structured combination of school-based and work-based learning. As part of the Department's Top 10 by 20 initiative, the Registered Youth Apprenticeship program addresses the dual role of both preparing career-ready students while also providing Missouri with a highly skilled, technologically competitive workforce. Students are provided the opportunity to remain enrolled in academic classes designed to meet high school graduation requirements while at the same time partnering with local business and industry leaders for shadowing and hands-on learning experiences.

For Parents/Administrators

  • Apprenticeships are a great way for students to get on-the-job training as they put their classroom knowledge and skills to work for a business. Some apprenticeships even offer college credit or the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certification.
  • Apprenticeships can help improve student engagement. Students must finish high school before they can finish their apprenticeship, so there is an added incentive for kids to stay in school.
  • Apprenticeships may be reflected in a school district’s graduate follow-up report. All students in an apprenticeship program can be reported as employed.
  • Students not only gain employable skills in an apprenticeship, they can also earn a decent wage to help pay for books, college tuition and clothing, or to start a savings account.
  • School districts/career centers/postsecondary institutions can own these programs as intermediaries and do not have to be associated with a union to operate.
  • Apprenticeships can be a rewarding – and challenging – beginning to a successful career. Gaining industry experience is a vital step in getting a first job. Students are able to gain experience along with greater confidence by becoming an industry apprentice.

For Employers

When you train young apprentices, you are making an investment in your company’s future – and the future workforce. There are several benefits to establishing apprenticeships in your business:

  • You gain trained employees: Combining on-the-job training with students’ classroom instruction creates workers with better understanding of your business. Apprentices gain job skills while applying industry theory that they learn in school.
  • Apprenticeships are good for productivity: As the students progress through an apprenticeship, they gain in-depth knowledge of business practices, industry needs and efficiency. Apprenticeship programs turn out highly trained professionals.
  • Apprenticeships save money: Yes, you pay apprentices, but in the end, the cost is minimal. Apprentices are producing for you while they learn. The result? Well-trained employees who contribute to your bottom line. Also, if your business requires a license, students are ready to take the exam once they finish their apprenticeship.
  • Apprenticeships are good for the future: Once you establish an apprenticeship program in your business, you ensure that you have a pool of experienced, highly trained workers who can continue with your company. That can help you meet your future workforce needs.

For More Information

Contact: Dr. Oscar Carter, DESE/Skilled Technical Services, 573-522-5804
Visit: http://missouriapprenticeship.com