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Secondary Programs

All Secondary Health Sciences Programs are required to complete a Criminal Background Check, receive verification from the Employee Disqualification List, and check for Registry for the Federal Marker on each student enrolled in the course.  By completing each of these steps, compliance will be met with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Code of Federal Regulations. 

Below are examples of a “Memorandum” and “Authorization and Consent” forms that may be used by the local Secondary Health Sciences Instructor.  It is suggested that the local school district letterhead be placed at the top of the document. 

The Registry for the Federal Marker is only available through the voice activated telephone number at (573) 526-5686.  This voice-activated response will also fulfill verification of the Employee Disqualification List.  The Family Care Safety Registry provides written verification of the Employee Disqualification List and Criminal Background Checks; however, the registry is unable to provide a Federal Marker check.  Therefore, each program will be required to complete two separate steps to complete all necessary requirements set forth by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. 


  • Each instructor is encouraged to review the Clinical Site policies and procedures regarding Criminal Background Checks, Employee Disqualification Lists, and the Registry for the Federal Marker.
  •  If a student does not have a Social Security Number issued, use only the student’s name for verification with the Employee Disqualification List and Registry for the Federal Marker, and perform a Federal Criminal Background Check (fingerprints required/price of CBC is increased) in place of a State Criminal Background Check. 
  • If a conviction is noted, contact the County Prosecuting Office for an explanation of the conviction to verify if the student may remain in the course.   
  • Memorandum  doc
  • Memorandum Attachment
  • Consent Form  doc