CTE Supports for Remote Teaching and Learning

The following resources include various supports teachers and students could use to enhance teaching and learning while we are all responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most of the CTE program areas have listservs and other programs to support teaching practices. You will find information on these, in addition to content-specific information, under each tab. We invite you to get involved in a platform related to your work so you can communicate, share with, and learn from colleagues from across the state.


Instructional Resources Overview


Instructional Resources Overview

Perkins V Application Budget Memo (4.17.20) 

CTE Funding Update (3.30.2020) 

When reviewing and selecting materials, take care to understand the terms and conditions of their use. Be aware that some digital resources require teachers or students to create online accounts and all should use caution when doing so. Some materials have copyright restrictions, and some are shared by companies that have temporarily suspended use fees. In addition, a resource previously contracted by districts for their students’ use may have restrictions that govern its use in remote learning. 

The views, opinions and content contained in these resources are solely those of the original contributors. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not endorse the views expressed by these contributors and reserves the right to refuse submissions. Questions related to any of these resources should be directed to the organizations, people and opportunities as shared.

General Information and Resources


General Information and Resources

ACTE New Middle Grades CTE State Resource Repository: Broadening the Path 
(Resource Added 5.6.2020)

Advance CTE has released an extensive repository of state-level resources that state and local leaders can leverage as they begin to develop and expand CTE into the middle grades. The repository includes links to resources from all 50 states and Washington, DC, including state middle grades CTE standards, career development guidance and tools, work-based learning and Career Technical Student Organization supports, licensure requirements, state policies and more.
Advance CTE and ACTE will be releasing a series of blogs to lift up promising state and local practices across the core programmatic elements of middle grades CTE.  The first blog will focus on middle grades CTE standards, curriculum and assessment.

ACTE:  Distance Learning Lesson Plans, Webinars and Resources for Multiple Sectors
(Resource Added 5.1.2020)

This is a weekly publication supporting CTE https://www.acteonline.org/lesson-plan-resources/

CCSSO Remote Learning Resources
(Resource Added 5.1.2020)
Although not high school, post-high school or CTE-specific, these are a curated set of resources that support remote learning and high quality instruction during the current disruption to students’ normal educational experiences and routines.  LINK
Skills Commons
(Resource Added 4.23.2020)

A free and open digital library of workforce training materials:  Preparing the Workforce for the 21st Century Employment!

(Resource Added 4.23.2020)

Free, high-quality resources
The MERLOT system provides access to ted online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.

(Resource Added 4.16.2020)

CTE educators find creative ways to teach hands-on skills during coronavirus school closings

Institute of Education Sciences/REL Central
(Resource Added 4.16.2020)
Educate Today
(Resource Added 4.16.2020)
  • Free standards-aligned resources for grades 3-12.   
  • First Person Videos related to the arts, arts integration, humanities, social studies, STEAM/STEM, career exploration and professional Development
  • Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas
Sign up for free to access all resources:  https://educate.today/
Advance CTE Resources for States—COVID-19
(Resource Added 4.13.2020)
Esri: The science of where 
(Resource Added 4.29.2020)

Mapping Hour for parents and Teachers. 

Mapping Hour is a collection of one-hour instructional videos about ArcGIS Online for parents and teachers. Our goal is to equip you with GIS tools to help you teach engaging lessons and activities with your own kids and students at home.  See the 10 episodes already available!
ArcGIS mapping software 
(Resource Added 4.10.2020)
ArcGIS is a platform with desktop, web, and mobile apps for collecting data, analyzing spatial and nonspatial attributes, and communicating with dashboards and stories. ArcGIS is about supporting the best decisions and fostering understanding. Esri makes ArcGIS, serving over 350,000 organizations globally. It is the most widely used GIS in the world.  Complete the information found here to request no-cost software and instructional resources LINK
LearningBlade.com/MO Missouri educators and instructional coaches can now access a recording of the DESE-sponsored webinar covering Learning Blade's 400+ online STEM lessons and many offline resources that enhance instruction. You will leave this 60-minute webinar recording with the tools needed to begin using Learning Blade as part of your distance-teaching plan. Please watch this 60-minute video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRNpQraNSlM&feature=youtu.be)  to find out how to get your fully-funded Learning Blade license or go to LearningBlade.com/MO
Educator and Care Giver Tool Kit https://www.ninenet.org/learningtoolkit/
NineNetwork of Public Media LINK
Pearson and NCCER (free) LINK
AdvanceCTE https://careertech.org/covid19
Army Education Services Specialist

March2Success is a free interactive online test preparation system that provides cutting-edge assessment and education content in an easy-to-use, self-paced format for state assessment testing, ACT and SAT practice and preparation.  March2Success is free and available 24/7.  There is no obligation.  Fredia Cain is the contact person: fredia.j.cain.civ@mail.mil


Virtual Labs, Simulations, and Interactive Learning Objects

Otis for Educators – Free Professional Development opportunities for educators LINK
ACTE Online Learning Network https://www.ctelearn.org/certified-courses/online-faculty   (Some costs may apply)



Industry Recognized Credentials/Technical Skills Assessments

Many secondary students in CTE programs count on having the opportunity to earn a viable credential while still in high school. Industry recognized credentials (IRCs) are not required assessments, but it is good for students to have these credentials to assist them in getting into the workforce.  We understand that in this current environment, schools may need more time to administer IRCs.  Schools should honor that promise if possible. 

The following guidance will apply:​

  1. Schools should administer IRCs to students who have had the requisite training needed to pass the assessment.
  2. Schools may delay the administration of an IRC to any eligible student for a district-determined and reasonable time period.
  3. Schools must follow testing protocols established by each vendor to assure students earn the credential.
  4. Schools will report IRC attainment for the 2019-20 school year on the June core data cycle.  Schools can report this information through August 31, 2020 (the due date for Perkins V Core Indicators of Performance).
  5. Schools have the flexibility of administering IRCs to 2020 graduates through August 31, 2020 (the due date for Perkins V Core Indicators of Performance). 
  6. Schools may use FY20 state and federal CTE funds for IRCs administered during FY20; they are permitted to use FY21 state and federal CTE funds for this purpose if administering an IRC between July 1 and August 31​
  • DESE’s focus continues to be on providing flexibility to schools so they can focus on what is best for students. Information about accountability will be coming soon. In the meantime, schools should consider how to ensure student health and safety in the process of allowing IRCs and TSAs.
  • The CTE staff will provide information on specific IRCs as it becomes available

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education


Leon Busdieker, Director leon.busdieker@dese.mo.gov 

NAAE Communities of Practice https://communities.naae.org
National FFA Information https://www.ffa.org/preparedness/



Business, Marketing & Information Technology


Lori Brewer, Director  lori.brewer@dese.mo.gov 

MBA Research & Curriculum Center
(Resource Added 4.22.2020)
(Resource Added 4.9.2020)
Missouri educators and instructional coaches can now access a recording of the DESE-sponsored webinar covering Learning Blade's 400+ online STEM lessons and many offline resources that enhance instruction. You will leave this 60-minute webinar recording with the tools needed to begin using Learning Blade as part of your distance-teaching plan. Please watch this 60-minute video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRNpQraNSlM&feature=youtu.be)  to find out how to get your fully-funded Learning Blade license or go to LearningBlade.com/MO
Explore distant learning resources LINK
KhanAcademy’s recommended home study schedule 
Code.org’s recommended activities (many in over 45 languages)
Help for parents: www.SchoolClosures.org
Help for educators: www.LearningKeepsGoing.org
Custom Resources https://yvf9w8y7.pages.infusionsoft.net/
EVERFI online resources
Business U https://businessu.org/
BMIT Listserve https://lists.mo.gov/mailman/listinfo/bmit%C2%A0



Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services


Theresa Struemph, Director Theresa.struemph@dese.mo.gov 

Escoffier—a leader in professional online and campus-based culinary education https://www.escoffier.edu/prostart-educators/
National ProStart/ServSafe posters, videos, handouts, and free on demand training courses https://restaurant.org/manage-my-restaurant/business-operations/covid19/food-safety 
Ecolab—Guidance on cleaning and disinfecting labs, FAQ’s, webinars addressing food & beverage, textile care, etc. https://www.ecolab.com/pages/coronavirus
NGPF—Next Gen Personal Finance online PD opportunities https://www.ngpf.org/pd/virtual-pd/
CDC—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your facility, which includes businesses, schools, sports/recreation centers and more  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/disinfecting-building-facility.html
CDA—Child Development Associate Advisory Council Insights, Perspectives and Best Practices as Child Care Environments Re-open https://www.cdacouncil.org/cda-advisory-committee
FCS Content-Specific E-Learning Resources https://www.fcsed.net/fcsed/support/support-resources/support-resources-elearning
USDA Office of Food Safety Webinars and resources from the Institute of Child Nutrition https://theicn.org/prevent
Lead4Change—a CTE-aligned student leadership program that leads to students doing community service in their own community.  The program is fully funded by a family grant and therefore free to educators and students across the country.  Plus, Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is very flexible and can be delivered in-class or virtually. https://www.lead4change.org/
Missouri School Reopening & Operating Guidance Missouri School Reopening & Operating Guidance Document
NRAEF webinar Digital Culinary Demos: Ideas for Effective EngagementGuidance for Developing Online Education https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkr8ehxc02n036l/ProStart%20Webinar%20

Realityworks®…an employee owned company 
Clint Germain – Account Manager
2709 Mondovi Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701
800.830.1416, ext. 1124 | Fax 715.830.2050
(Resource Added 4.2.2020)

  • Save on training tools and curriculum. Click here to learn how you can trade in old RealCare Baby infant simulators for credit, save on our entire line of Agriculture learning aids and get a free welder for your classroom.
  • Get online professional development. Click here to learn how our on-demand webinars can help you engaging today's students in key topics, without leaving your computer. Certificates of completion are included.
  • Connect with your students. Click here to explore our free lesson plans, which you can download and share to get your students thinking about skills related to future careers.
  • Download our catalogs anytime to see everything we offer for Family & Consumer Science, Welding & Trade Skills, Agriculture and Health Science programs.

FCSHS Listserv


ServSafe free courses and resources LINK

Health Sciences

Health Science Instructors


Shelly Wehmeyer, Director shelly.wehmeyer@dese.mo.gov 

Law and Public Safety Educational Network
Complimentary LPSCS Curriculum for Distance Learning (free online class for  our kids!)
In an effort to help career and technical education instructors as they transition to distance learning, iCEV is offering pilot program access to the Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security online curriculum site.  Current iCEV subscribers can add student licenses free of charge through the end of June. Additionally, new customers may request complimentary teacher and student access through the end of June.
The LPSCS courses include more than 100 lessons developed in collaboration with a retired law enforcement high school instructor and former police captain. Each lesson features industry experts and covers important topics such as public safety systems and agencies, U.S. constitution basics, forensic thinking and problem solving, arrest procedures and more.
Get this today and get your kids on tomorrow! Click Here
DHSS: COVID-19 Outbreak https://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/communicable/novel-coronavirus/ 
Missouri Hospital Association: COVID-19 https://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/communicable/novel-coronavirus/ 
CDC: COVID-19 (What You Need to Know) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html 
CDC: Information for Healthcare Professionals https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/index.html 
WHO: COVID-19 Myth Busters https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters 
WHO: COVID-19 Videos https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/videos 
CNA Regulatory Updates: Available through LTC Information Update https://cntysvr1.lphamo.org/subscribeltc.html 
Ditch that Textbook: An Educator's Resource for Distance Learning, Remote Learning, and eLearning https://ditchthattextbook.com/elearning/ 
NCHSE: Pre-recorded Webinars https://www.healthscienceconsortium.org/webinars/ 
Today's Class: Health Science Education https://www.todaysclass.com/health-science 
KbPort COVID-19 Relief Effort: Free Access to Online Tools https://kbport.com/kbport-covid-19-relief-effort/
SimEMR: Interactive, Web-based, Simulated EMR Solution https://kbport.com/simulators/simemr/
Virtual MedsManager: Virtual Medication Stocking, Dispensing, and Administration https://kbport.com/simulators/virtual-medication-dispensing-solution/
CATCH Health at Home https://www.catch.org/pages/health-at-home
Edheads: Activate Your Mind! http://edheads.org/
NIH: Resources for Educators https://www.nih.gov/research-training/science-education#teachers
Applied Educational Systems: Health Science Lesson Plans & Case Studies https://www.aeseducation.com/healthcenter21/health-science-lesson-plans/
ACTE: Distance Learning Resources https://www.acteonline.org/professional-development/opportunities/distance-learning-resources/
DESE Alternative Methods of Instruction for Students with Disabilities https://dese.mo.gov/media/pdf/se-compliance-AMI-final-1-28-20
Anatomy In Clay:  Teacher Forum through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/ANATOMYINCLAY/?ref=br_rs
New EdTech Classroom: Available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6vizTYlSgpR6zJ8j5KiyA?app=desktop
CENGAGE:  Free Access to Digital Platforms https://www.cengage.com/covid-19-support/
Newsela:  Free Distance Learning Resource https://newsela.com/
Elsevier’s Free Health and Medical Research on noel Coronavirus (COVID-19) https://www.elsevier.com/connect/coronavirus-information-center
Frontline Education:  COVID-19 Support Resources LINK
Learn Life Savers Free Lesson thru Zoom Presentation https://www.learnlifesavers.com/
SREB: CTE Resources (Virtual Labs, Simulations and Interactive Learning Objects) https://www.sreb.org/post/cte-resources

Articles & Blogs

How to Keep your Smartphone Clean During the Coronavirus Outbreak LINK
American Society of Nephrology, CDC offer Updated Coronavirus Guidelines LINK
Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine Begins LINK
Different Takes: Pandemics Don't Simply Go Away So Act Now to Follow Public Health Measures LINK
Health Sciences listserv LINK 
or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to: health.sciences-request@lists.more.net


School Counseling


Chrissy Bashore, Director  Chrissy.Bashore@dese.mo.gov

DESE COVID-19 Updates COVID-19 Updates
Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative MOTRAUMASCHOOLS.COM
ASCA resources https://schoolcounselor.org/Publications-Research/Publications/Free-ASCA-Resources/COVID-19-Resources
Planning for Virtual/Distance School Counseling during an Emergency Shutdown https://www.schoolcounselor.org/school-counselors-members/member-benefits-info/liability-insurance
ASCA Liability Insurance for tele-counseling supports https://members.schoolcounselor.org/event-details?id=bd1fcb07-351a-4eb3-b598-d560502b123e&reload=timezone
  2020 ASCA pop up webinar – Ethical Considerations – School Counseling in a Virtual Setting
Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources
Missouri Connections Missouri Connections is a great way to engage in career exploration from the comfort of your own home!  For those of you that already have existing accounts, encourage your students to complete assessments, research their results, and dive deep into occupations that they may find interesting.  Challenge your students to compare career interests and occupations to give them additional options to explore. If your school does not currently have a Missouri Connections account, visit https://portal.missouriconnections.org and have your students sign in as a “Guest” to start exploring.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chrissy Bashore at Chrissy.Bashore@dese.mo.gov.
College Board SAT Updates https://pages.collegeboard.org/natural-disasters
MSCA (Missouri School Counselor Association) Resources and Updates http://moschoolcounselor.org/covid-19-resources-for-school-counselors/


Skilled Technical Sciences

Skilled Technical Sciences


Oscar Carter, Director Oscar.carter@dese.mo.gov 

Learning Never Stops: CISCO podcast series
(Resource Added 4.29.2020)

Introducing Learning Never Stops, the official Cisco Networking Academy podcast.  Learning Never Stops is all about connecting you to new ideas, best practices and transformative technologies to help you on your lifelong learning journey. Throughout the podcast series, we will interview industry professionals, partners, educators, and learners, bringing you valuable insight and knowledge with a new episode bi-weekly.  https://www.netacad.com/region/north-america/podcast
Cisco Networking Academy:  Free Self-Paced Courses Opportunity
(Resource Added 4.16.2020)
The courses listed in this section are for the student's professional development. Academy Instructors as well as non-Academy Instructors could incorporate these Information Technology concepts and skills into to their existing courses or use as complete courses through their Academy. LINK
Free Lessons for Skilled Technical Sciences Teachers
(Resource Added 4.16.2020)
Two technology teachers from Southeast Kansas, Trevor Maiseroulle and Chris Ball, are helping connect teachers from across the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic with web-based curriculum and teaching strategies.  “We have lessons that were submitted by teachers in the areas of construction, woodworking, welding, agriculture, photography, video production, automotive, and many others.”  To access the shared drive, teachers and school administrators may email Maiseroulle at tmaiseroulle@vikingnet.net, using an email address connected to a Google account
Digital Resources for Skilled & Technical Science 
(Resource Added 4.10.2020)​
CTE Coalition:  Industry Dedicated to Keep CTE Moving (Added 4.1.2020) https://ctecoalition.com/
SkillsUSA (Added 4.1.2020) https://www.careeressentials.org/ 
From John Harden, Collision Repair and Refinish Technology Instructor

Join the National Auto Collision Instructor Association on Facebook.
This has been a great resource as instructors from around the country are sharing resources for all types of learning in these trying times!

Criminal Justice resources https://mailchi.mp/27620f4e5f10/lesson-plans-resources-for-online-free-ready-to-use?e=01df627cb1
  Contact Oscar Carter, Director of Skilled Technical Sciences if you would like to participate in one of the listservs sponsored by that section.


Technology & Engineering

Technology & Engineering


Byekwaso Gilbert, Director byekwaso.gilbert@dese.mo.gov


Resources for Special Ed Learners
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)​
ITEEA Teacher Resource Sites
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
Engineering Classroom Resources
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
STEM Works
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
Engineering Resources for Teachers of all Levels
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
ELearning for High School Resources
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
Engineering, Computing and Technology Fields
(Resource Added 4.15.2020)
LearningBlade.com/MO Missouri educators and instructional coaches can now access a recording of the DESE-sponsored webinar covering Learning Blade's 400+ online STEM lessons and many offline resources that enhance instruction. You will leave this 60-minute webinar recording with the tools needed to begin using Learning Blade as part of your distance-teaching plan. Please watch this 60-minute video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRNpQraNSlM&feature=youtu.be)  to find out how to get your fully-funded Learning Blade license or go to LearningBlade.com/MO
WhiteBox Learning

WhiteBox Learning is a complete Standards-Based STEM Learning System for Engineering, Science, and Technology Education classrooms, grades 6-12. Completely web-based, students can design, analyze, and simulate their designs, hundreds of times, from a web browser, and compete with other students throughout their district. Fully-Integrated Teacher LMS is included. http://www.whiteboxlearning.com/ 

WhiteBox Learning is offering unrestricted access to all applications through the end of June. Please complete this form for more information.