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BMIT - Listservs

The following listservs are intended to facilitate the communication and exchange of ideas among teachers to improve and expand upon business, marketing, and information technology education and related services for students in Missouri.

BMIT Listserv

A listserv was created for all business, marketing, and CCE teachers in the state of Missouri. We all need to work together to best serve our students, so share lesson plans, online resources, curriculum enrichments, anything that will help create a meaningful, educational experience for our students.


When sending an email on this listserv, PLEASE make sure to type the following in the subject line: (PROGRAM NAME) (COURSE NAME)

Example 1: Business, Accounting I, Example 2: Marketing, Advertising, Example 3: All Programs (use this if what you are sharing/asking applies to all program areas)

By using this information in the subject line, it will help teachers more easily filter out the messages that may not apply to them.

SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://lists.mo.gov/mailman/listinfo/bmit 

ARCHIVE: https://lists.mo.gov/archives/bmit/