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Mission Of Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives

The Mission of the Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association (YF/YFW) is to promote the personal and professional growth of adults involved in agriculture.  We provide the framework for inspiring personal achievement and strengthen agricultural leadership, which fosters economic growth.

Organization's History

The Young Farmers state organization was organized in 1969 and the first state convention was held in 1970.  The Young Farm Wives state association was organized in 1971 as an auxiliary group with the same basic purposes of the Young Farmers.  In 2006, the two state associations merged into one organization and called the Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association.

The organization is an integral part of adult agricultural education programs offered by local school districts with approved agricultural education programs.  The association is for any adult interested in agriculture to provide an opportunity for members to continue their education and participate in leadership, cooperation, community improvement, social and recreational activities.  There is no restrictions to membership based on age or profession of the member.

The state association is housed in the Agricultural Education section of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and is governed by the Executive Committee, an all volunteer board of officers elected by the general membership at the state convention each year.  Each of the six districts in Missouri is represented by two officers who serve a two-year term on the committee.  Local associations are advised by the local agricultural education instructor and are organized to meet the local members' needs and desires.

The National organization, NYFEA, was formally established in 1982 by delegates from the 17 state associations, but national institutes and meetings have been held since 1967.  NYFEA is currently housed in Georgia, but the national institutes are hosted each year by a state association.

Constitution and By-laws
Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives Association
(Revised 2/6/2016)

National Young Farmer Educational Association Link: www.nyfea.org