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Family Consumer Sciences & Human Services — Mentoring Program

Left to right: Bailey Woods and Yvonne Nixon
(Left to right) Bailey Woods, Excelsior Springs Middle School, and Yvonne Nixon, Heritage Middle School, Liberty 53 School District, are pictured at the first fall mentoring meeting for family consumer sciences teachers held at Jefferson City. Ms. Woods and Ms. Nixon are among more than 225 educators participating in the 2015-2016 Career Education Mentoring Program. (DESE photo)

Career Education Mentoring Program 
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education sponsors a one-year mentoring program for new and returning Career Education teachers. The program serves educators in the following subject areas: Agricultural Education; Business, Marketing and Information Technology; Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services; Guidance and Counseling; Health Sciences; and Skilled Technical Sciences. The goal of the program is to support both the protégé and the mentor in creating a professional learning community. The mentors and protégés attend two meetings at Jefferson City. There could also be an optional visit between the mentor and protégé at the mentor’s or protégé’s school. The mentoring program is an excellent way for master teachers to share their experiences and knowledge to enhance the teaching year of a new or returning teacher. The mentor assists the protégé in completing two mentoring experiences per semester. Two content advisors guide the mentoring teams during the school year. 

Administrative Memo  (7/13/2015)
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2016-2017 Mentoring Manual

Forms (PDF Fill-in Forms)

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