Renew Your Subsidy Contract

Child care subsidy providers serve an important role in our community. Not only do they provide an environment that offers children access to early learning and literacy, they also lessen the burden of the cost of care for low income families across the state. 

Child care subsidy agreement contracts must be renewed annually. Please follow the instructions on the checklists below to expedite the renewal process.

Failure to renew your child care subsidy agreement contract timely will result in a loss of payment.

Please reach out to the Child Care Subsidy section at 573-526-3011 if you need additional information. If you have been referred to a monitoring specialist, they can be reached at

Subsidy Provider Types

Six or Fewer

This provider type does not require a license as long as the they do not care for more than 6 unrelated children or more than three children under two years old in their home or in the home of the child(ren). Click the checklist below to get started.

Renewal Checklist

Licensed Provider

This provider type is licensed through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) which meets most of the child care subsidy requirements. In order for a licensed child care provider to receive subsidy, they must apply and complete 3 additional trainings. Click the checklist to get started.

Renewal Checklist

License-Exempt Provider

This provider type is exempt from licensure and includes schools, summer camps, and religious organizations. Click the checklist to get started.

Renewal Checklist