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Pre-Certification Workshop (PCW) & Beginning Teachers Assistance Program (BTAP)

Part 1: Pre-Certification Workshop (PCW)
The Pre-Certification Workshop (PCW) is the first step in becoming a certified Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) teacher in the state of Missouri.   It is designed to be an introduction to the Adult Education and Literacy program for new teachers. The PCW focuses on providing an understanding Adult Education and the importance of the teacher’s role. This workshop will include discussion and activities related to data management, managed intake, AEL assessments, College and Career Readiness Standards, and the High School Equivalency Test. Certified AEL teachers may attend the PCW as a refresher and receive 8 professional development hours. 

Part 2: Beginning Teachers Assistance Program (BTAP)
Building upon the PCW, in which the TABE was introduced, the BTAP provides strategies for understanding assessment results and using the results to develop targeted instruction.  Participants will learn ways to integrate College and Career Readiness Standards and group instruction into their classrooms. In addition, the BTAP provides an overview of classroom management techniques as well as instructional strategies for managing a multi-level classrooms with a variety of learning styles. Certified AEL teachers may attend the BTAP as a refresher and receive 8 professional development hours. 

Workshop Dates & Time

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