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FY 12 Monitoring Reports

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Every year the State AEL section conducts on-site monitoring visits for a select number of local AEL programs.  A written report is issued to each program after the on-site visit has been completed.  These reports are divided into two main sections:  “Findings” and “Comments”. 

Findings are typically issues that involve non-compliance with a requirement in the grant/contract or a state policy, fiscal/accounting concerns, or performance results below state standards.  Findings require a written corrective action response from the local AEL program. 

Comments are observations, suggested changes or commendations made by the review team.  Comments do not require a response unless requested in the report. 

Click on the links below to view the findings and comments from on-site monitoring visits conducted in Fiscal Year 2012.  Program identifiers have been deleted from these reports.