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Administrative Memos

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Administrative Memos are used to transmit information related to the policies or administration of programs coordinated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In addition to being posted in this section, these memos may be distributed via e-mail or the postal service to the appropriate points of contact for specific programs.
Datesort descending Number Subject Section
01/10/2013 CCR-13-001 Updated Technical Skills Attainment List for MSIP 5 Career Education
01/11/2013 CCR-13-003 Enhancement Grant FY 2014 Career Education
01/18/2013 FAS-13-002 Substitute System for Time and Effort Reporting Deputy Commissioner
01/31/2013 LS-13-001 Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) Data Entry -- Reporting an Industry Recognized Credential/Certificate (IRC) Learning Services
02/11/2013 FAS-13-003 Bookkeeper training 101 Deputy Commissioner
02/25/2013 CCR-13-004 Quality Assurance: District Self-monitoring Tool Assessment
03/01/2013 FAS-13-004 Sequestration - Direct Pay Subsidy Bonds Deputy Commissioner
03/13/2013 CCR-13-005 Understanding Your Technology Readiness Tool Report Assessment
03/13/2013 CCR-13-007 Guidance Related to Effectiveness Index Formula (EIF) Career Education
03/13/2013 CCR-13-006 Related to Distribution of Perkins Postsecondary Funds Career Education
03/15/2013 FAS13-005 FY13 Federal Allocations Update Deputy Commissioner
03/28/2013 CCR-13-008 Change in Smarter Balanced (SBAC) Volunteer Pilot Assessment
04/05/2013 FAS-13-006 Verification of Data Used in FY14 Title I and Part B IDEA Allocation Calculations Deputy Commissioner
04/23/2013 QS-13-001 Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) Items Not Waived Checklist School Improvement
04/23/2013 LS-13-002 Data Release and Appeals Process Learning Services


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