Administrative Memos

Date Number Subject Office
01/19/2021 DSM-21-001 Early 2021 June Student Enrollment and Attendance Submission Office of Data System Management
01/14/2021 FAS-21-001 Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund Reporting Requirements Division of Financial & Administrative Services
01/12/2021 LS-21-001 End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment Participation for First Semester Seniors 2020-21 Division of Learning Services
12/17/2020 QS-20-015 MOCAP Billing Office of Quality Schools
12/08/2020 CCR-20-005 Common Criteria and Quality Indicators (CCQI) Submission Office of College & Career Readiness
11/30/2020 QS-20-014 Recalculation of ESSER and GEER Grant Allocations Office of Quality Schools
11/17/2020 QS-20-013 Monitoring of AMI-X Plan Implementation Office of Quality Schools
11/02/2020 CCR-20-004 Missouri Comprehensive Literacy State Development Program Applications Office of College & Career Readiness
11/02/2020 QS-20-012 District Assurance Checklist Office of Quality Schools
10/21/2020 EQ-20-003 Substitute Teacher Reimbursements Office of Educator Quality
10/19/2020 FAS-20-011 Additional Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Dollars for K-12 Support Division of Financial & Administrative Services
10/09/2020 QS-20-011 Distanced Learning – 4/1 Plans Office of Quality Schools
10/08/2020 LS-20-002 October MOSIS/Core Data Submission Division of Learning Services
10/01/2020 EQ-20-002 Teacher Evaluations Office of Educator Quality
09/22/2020 LS-20-001 Data Release and Appeals Windows Division of Learning Services