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Recorded Webinar - March 27, 2013

Post-Secondary Options for All Students: Beyond the BA Degree

High schools today are sending more youth to postsecondary education.  But do counselors have enough information to guide young people to a good match for their needs, circumstances, ambitions and interests? Please view this informational webinar to learn more about Jobs for the Future's Counseling to Careers training and methodology.  The presentation will showcase ways in which counselors--working with other school and district staff-- can use labor market information to inform student choices of a postsecondary program of study.  It also features practical ways for counselors and others to learn more about technical programs of study that lead to good first jobs and careers in growth industries and best pathways for youth who are seeking faster avenues to work and occupational advancement.  This event should be viewed by high school counselors and will also be of interest to CTE directors and staff, high school principles and district staff overseeing career exploration or career education programming.  

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