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Recorded Webinar - February 22, 2012

The Effective Use of Calendaring in Implementing Your Guidance and Counseling Program

Two School Districts share their methods of calendaring to help guide the implementation of their guidance and counselng program.  School Counselors at all levels, K-12, will gain information from viewing this webinar.

From a participant:  “I love the webinar and how much it emphasizes long-range planning, building a curriculum based on GLEs and local input. Collaboration in larger districts, reviewing data, everything good planning entails!"

Presented by Bragg Stanley, Director of Guidance and Counseling, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Susan Perkins, Elementary Counselor, Columbia Public Schools; Michael Sanchez, Willard Middle School; and Matthew Herrin, Willard High School.

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About This Webinar

     Contact: Susan Perkins