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Top 10 by 20 Goals for Research Projects

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The Department has identified the following research projects to be useful in support of the Top 10 by 20 plan. The plan has four goals, and the relevant research and inquiry needs are outlined under each goal below. Each research need is preceded by a code to succinctly identify the type of research, as follows:

BP: Identification of “best practices” employed by other states or suggested by high-quality education research.
LIT: Literature review.
MO DATA: Quantitative analysis to be conducted with Missouri data (either existing data or new data collected for the research purpose).
QUAL: Qualitative analysis, such as a case study or analysis of current Missouri systems.
SURVEY: Questions that might best be approached using survey methods to gather additional data about Missouri schools or districts on a representative basis.
PROJ: A project that isn’t necessarily research-driven but for which there would still be benefits from partnership with a University and its faculty/students (e.g., a project that could be taken on in an advanced course or as a semester-long capstone assignment, such as developing a marketing or dissemination plan).

Researchers are invited to submit a research proposal by filling out the project proposal request form and returning the completed form to the Department. For questions, please contact the Office of Data System Management.