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State Board News & Updates

Upcoming State Board Meetings:

State Board Approves Plan for School Districts

At its March meeting, the State Board of Education approved a Department plan for supporting and, if necessary, intervening in school districts in Missouri.

The focus of the plan is to provide every student access to high-quality education in their local communities. The plan includes tiers of support and intervention based on district performance. If performance begins to slip, support and then intervention are implemented to prevent districts from becoming provisionally accredited or unaccredited. The tiers are not new levels of accreditation; they work within the existing Missouri School Improvement Program.

State Board Approves Emergency Action for Normandy School District

The State Board of Education on Tuesday approved a recommendation from the Department to impose financial oversight over the Normandy School District effective immediately. All expenditures, contracts, financial obligations and any other action with fiscal implications must be approved by the Department beginning immediately and through the remainder of the year.  Read more