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Special Education Webstream Training Series

These videos have been formatted to be viewed by modem or high speed connection with the least security restrictions possible. To successfully view the videos by modem you MUST have a constant baud rate from your Internet Service Provider. If you cannot view the videos, there can be several problems; virus detection software, firewalls, network settings, individual system settings, spyware detection or spyware contamination. DESE cannot trouble-shoot individual computers. The best solution is to go to the nearest public library with computers for public access. Normally these computers have high speed connections and are optimized for viewing web content.

Media Player 9 or 10 upgrades are available only for Windows 1998 SE and later. If you have an older Windows version you will need to access this training from a different computer.

If you receive a message that “Network is busy” try updating your Windows Media Player by going to “Help” then “Check for Player Updates.” After downloading any applicable updates, please reboot your computer. Media Player 9 or 10 allows you to pause without returning to the beginning, rewind and fast forward the show. Also, if you are able to hear this module using your Media Player, but you are unable to view the video stream, an upgrade is in order. 

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