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Special Education ListServ (SELs)

What is a ListServ (SELs/SELs2)?


February 2000, the Office of Special Education created the Special Education Listserve (SELS).  It has been and continues to be a limited e-mail group (with listserve being a misnomer since it really isn’t a listserve) available to only one contact person per school district/responsible public agency. It is used by the Office to disseminate important special education information concerning funding, compliance, data collection, professional development, etc. 

Subscribe to SELs: To change your agency's SELs contact, you must contact Lina Browner, Executive Assistant, Office of Special Education at 573-751-5739 or via e-mail at [email protected]

The Office has created a second e-mail group called SELs2.  This e-mail group is open to anyone wanting to subscribe (principals, teachers, parents, etc.). It will allow subscribers to receive the EXACT same messages as subscribers to SELs. By creating this second e-mail group, all constituents interested in special education will have the opportunity to receive the Office’s e-mail messages, not just one contact per school district/responsible public agency. It also allows DESE to maintain the ability to make sure that every district has at least one contact person per district receiving these messages. Messages are from DESE only and may only be posted by the manager (Lina Browner, Office of Special Education). Members may not post messages to either SELs or SELs2.


Subscribe to SELs2: Via the online subscription system.

Questions or problems subscribing, contact Lina Browner, Executive Assistant, Office of Special Education at (573) 751-5739 or via email at [email protected]

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