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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Special Education Child Count Reporting

Source: Mary Corey, Director, Office of Data System Management

Intended Audience: Special Education administrators, Core Data/MOSIS personnel

Date: November 22, 2013

The December special education child count is due December 15, 2013, via the December MOSIS Student Core submission.  Special education personnel need to be working with MOSIS personnel to ensure that all students with disabilities are included in the MOSIS submission.  All students receiving special education services under an IEP (including ECSE speech-only or itinerant students) and parentally-placed private school students receiving services under a services plan must be reported.  Every student with an IEP or services plan who is receiving services on December 1 should be reported by one, and only one, district. 

Since December 1 falls on a Sunday this year, please use November 29 or the last day your district is in session in November as the count date.

If you have situations where a student is attending a non-resident district, please work with the other district to ensure only one district is reporting the student.  There are two options for reporting students attending a non-resident district.  The first option is to follow a Resident 2 model.  The attending district reports the student as a Non-Resident (NR) and does all of the reporting (Student Core, Student Enrollment & Attendance, etc.).  DESE moves the membership counts and attendance hours back to the resident district for funding purposes.  All accountability data (enrollment, graduates, dropouts, sped child count, etc.) stays with the attending district.  The resident district does not report the student at all. 

The second option is to follow a cooperative/alternative school model.  The resident district does the reporting and reports the student as a Resident 1 (R1) student.  All data for funding and accountability stays with the resident district.  The attending district needs to send information to the resident district.  The attending district will include the students in their Educator/Student Assignment files, but would not report the student in Student Core or Student Enrollment & Attendance files. 

When the MOSIS file is certified, the special education child count data are populated to Screen 11 of Core Data.  Since there is no submit process in Core Data for the December cycle, the certified MOSIS file is considered the officially submitted data. 

Questions can be directed to the Office of Data System Management at 573-751-7848 or email