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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Blind Task Force Vacancies

Source: Dr. Stephen Barr, Assistant Commissioner

Intended Audience: Principals, special education administrators, parents, teachers, and others interested in the education and services for students who are blind or visually impaired

Date: March 13, 2013

Missouri statute provides for the formation of a Task Force on Blind Student Academic and Vocational Performance.  According to the statute, "this task force shall develop goals and objectives to guide the improvement of special education, related services, vocational training, transition from school to work, rehabilitation services, independent living, and employment outcomes for eligible students" (§162.1133.3).

We are seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the Blind Task Force.  We currently have vacancies for:

* Parents of blind or visually impaired students attending public school in Missouri (2)

* Public School Special Education Administrator (1)

* Student Representative (2)

Please help us fill these positions by nominating qualified individuals.  The nomination form is available on the DESE website at: