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Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled

Missouri Schools for the Severely Disabled Staff
Telephone:  Main Contact: (573) 751-4427   

     Fax:  (573) 751-0276  

Web Inquiries:

Archie Derboven, Superintendent

Bonnie Aaron, Assistant Superintendent

Merv Blunt, Director for Program Services
(573) 751-0407


Behavior Intervention


Tyler Technologies SISK12

Stephanie Brooks, Director for Business Management
Phone: (573) 751-0408   Fax: (573) 522-9242


Transportation contracts

School food services

Bev Luetkemeyer, Assistant Director for Program Services
(573) 751-0992



Behavior Intervention


Debbie Downing, Supervisor for Business Services
(573) 751-0706



Web Maintenance

Emily Cremer, Human Resource School Specialist
(573) 522-6545

Human Resources

Diane Siebeneck , Human Resource Analyst I
(573) 751-1190

Human Resources

Carol Frank, Administrative Assistant
(573) 751-0399

Lunch Program Reports

Personnel Monthly Expense Reports                                       

Related Services Contract Maintenance

Related Services Contracting

District Billing

Hotel Billings

Transportation Billings

Beth Licklider, Billing Specialist
(573) 751-1089

Human Resources

Laurie Lister, Administrative Assistant
(573) 751-9516

Assistant to Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent

Student Data and Records

Student Updates

Health Records

Release of Information

Abbie Workman, Administrative Assistant
(573) 751-0995

Web Maintenance

Tyler SISK12 Issues

Student Data and Records

Mary Jane Lueckenotte, Secretary
(573) 751-1189

Human Resources

Candice Wilson, Billing Specialist
(573) 751-2194

Related Services Records & Payments

AcceliTrack Student Updates

Therapy Authorizations