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NASDSE Professional Development Series

About the Series

One of the major responsibilities of State Education Agencies is to support local districts build their capacity to deliver high-quality services to improve student outcomes. The National Association of State Directors of Special Education's (NASDSE) ongoing work with the U.S Department of Education, national organizations, technical assistance providers, respected researchers and other stakeholders uniquely positions us to identify and deliver content on the most relevant issues affecting teachers and administrators. Through four, two-hour sessions, the NASDSE Professional Development Series will deliver thought-provoking, professional development on the most current topics that can be easily integrated with the professional development services of any state.


2010–2011 NASDSE Professional Development Series

Presentation Access

To access any of the presentations in the 2010–11 NASDSE Professional Development Series, please use the following login information:

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Missouri's access code is: 1112MO55


All presentations will be broadcast live. After each release date and time, the conferences will be made available online 24/7 for viewing at your convenience.

Note: All PowerPoints and background documents will be available for download on the conference page.


Session One
Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

Educators are increasingly turning to technology for information and resources to help provide educational and support services for all students. While much of the information and resources available are appropriate for all students, special educators in particular are looking for evidenced-based programs and supports to assist them in teaching the diverse population of students that require their help. This conference will feature selected resources that are readily available free of charge. It will also demonstrate how virtual mentoring can be used to support teachers.

Steve Luke

Director, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, Academy for Educational Development

Joanne Cashman

Director, IDEA Partnership, National Association of State Directors of Special Education

Dr. Phoebe Gillespie

Director, Personnel Improvement Center, National Association of State Directors of Special Education



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December 8 , 2010
12:00–2:00 PM CST


Session Two
Special Education Teacher Evaluation: Issues and Answers

The evaluation of teachers, including special education teachers, has become increasingly important as teachers are held accountable for student performance. At the same time, many special education teachers are assuming new roles such as co-teaching, coaching and supporting general education teachers and related service personnel. This conference will address the issues of special education teacher evaluation, including time attribution and measures such as student performance. Data from a National Center for Teacher Quality study will be presented to give examples of practices across the nation.

Tony Bagshaw

Managing Director of Human Capital, Battelle for Kids

Lynn Holdheide

Special Education Research Associate, National Center for Teacher Quality



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January 12, 2011
12:00–2:00 PM CST


Session Three
Common Core Standards:
What They Mean for States and Schools

The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) have led an effort to develop national voluntary common core standards for K-12 in English/Language Arts and Math. The standards were released in June 2010, and more than half of the states have already agreed to adopt them. In this conference, representatives from the NGA and CCSSO will discuss the standards, the adoption process, how states will use them and specifically address what the common core standards mean for special education.

Dane Linn

Director, Education Division, National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices

Gene Wilhoit

Executive Director, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)



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March 23, 2011
12:00–2:00 PM CST


Session Four
Virtual Special Education: Issues and Answers

Technology is having a tremendous impact on special education in many ways. One trend that is developing quickly is teaching special education via virtual delivery systems. While virtual special education has been successful, there are many issues that must be addressed. This conference will feature the successful North Carolina Virtual Public School. Compliance and accountability issues including the implementation of the special education process in the virtual environment will be discussed.

Bryan Setser
Executive Director, North Carolina Virtual Public School, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Mary Watson

Director, Exceptional Children Division, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction



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May 4, 2011
12:00–2:00 PM CST


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