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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Blind Literacy Survey 2011

Source: Tanya Pleus, Planner, Office of Data System Management

Intended Audience: Superintendents, Directors, Principals, and Program Managers of Public or Private (Non-Profit) Schools or Agencies Serving Blind/Visually Impaired Students

Date: December 15, 2010

The Department is mandated to report to the Missouri Legislature the educational status of blind students.  The Blind Literacy Survey, in part, is used to collect this information.  Assistance from districts/agencies in completing this survey will provide useful information regarding students who are blind.  Districts/agencies may also receive notification of this request from Missouri School for the Blind as part of the annual Federal Quota Registration for American Printing House, Inc.

For convenience, the Department has developed a one-page survey that is accessed, completed, and submitted via the web.  Each district/agency should complete one survey by January 31, 2011.  Please provide the following information regarding blind students ages 3 through 21 reported on the Federal Quota Registration (enrollment as of January 5, 2011):

The number of students who:

1) Receive materials in Braille and Braille-related services,

2) Receive materials in Braille and Braille-related services BUT no longer receive Braille instruction,

3) Use a slate and stylus or other Braille writing device,

4) Received transition planning services with cooperation from Rehabilitative Services for the Blind as part of their IEP, and

5) Have been or will be referred to Rehabilitative Services for the Blind during this school year.

To complete the Blind Literacy Survey, please go to the following web address and follow the instructions:

If you experience any problems or have questions regarding this survey, please contact Tanya Pleus at (573) 526-4995 or