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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Core Data/Inappropriate Certification Report

Source: Mary Corey, Director, Data Coordination

Intended Audience: Special Education Administrators, Core Data/MOSIS Personnel

Date: April 13, 2010

Please be aware of two personnel reports available through the Core Data System.  When logged in to the Core Data System, select "Reports" from the Data Collection Menu, then select "Special Reports." 

The Inappropriate Certification report details any educators who do not have appropriate certification for the course/assignments reported in the October MOSIS Educator Assignment file.  This report evaluates educators for state certification requirements only and does not evaluate federal Highly Qualified Teacher requirements.  The report can be run district-wide or can be limited by building, program, or course codes.  Selecting the Special Education program will include educators reported with program codes of 06, 17, and 19.

A system issue is resulting in some ECSE/PK personnel showing up on the report with a message of "REQUIRES SUPERVISOR APPROVAL."  These messages can be ignored if the educator does have appropriate certification.  The assignments for all other personnel on the report should be reviewed to determine if the appropriate course/assignment codes and program codes were reported.

All special education teaching assignments should be reported using a course code that begins with 19 (193000-195800).  Course code 887900-Other Pupil Personnel should be used in a very limited number of situations where there is not another course code to use. 

A second report, Staff Assignments by Program, details all assignments reported by program code.  This report can help to ensure that all special education personnel were reported with complete and accurate information.

If you have questions regarding these reports or special education personnel reporting, contact the Special Education Data Coordination Section at 573-751-7848, 573-751-0993, or email