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Special Education Listserv

Subject: E-Learning/Courses for Educators/Research Findings in Support

Source: Leone Herring, Supervisor, Effective Practices

Intended Audience: Administrators, Special Education Directors, Special Education Instructors, Technology Directors, General Education Instructors

Date: April 5, 2010

The latest research findings for the e-Learning for Educators program have just been released.  The research was conducted by Boston College to assess the effects of the online professional development in: 1) improving teacher content knowledge, 2) improving instructional practice and, subsequently, 3) improving student academic achievement.

Findings demonstrate that the e-Learning for Educators courses and process can have a positive impact on teaching and learning, in that both teachers and students made statistically significant improvements, and suggesting evidence of some cause-and-effect change due to the online professional development and that improvements did not occur by chance.

To read a short overview of the results and access the entire research report click on the following link

The following link will provide information about the eLearning for Educators program and the Missouri eLearning for Educators program specifically.  A link to the course catalog for Missouri eLearning for Educators is also located at this link.