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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Improvement Planning for Grants and Self-assessment Updates and Reminders/IMPORTANT/ACCESS TO IMACS/ePeGS

Source: Martha Leader, Assistant Director, Effective Practices

Intended Audience: District and Building Administrators, Special Education Directors

Date: February 5, 2010

This message is for LEAs completing an Improvement plan for a Monitoring Self-assessment and/or as part of the application process for a Special Education Improvement Grant. There are a few updates and changes for entering and submitting the plan:

1.      A message went out earlier this week regarding ePeGS and

"Opening the new year."  That message stated: Our IT Department has been working diligently to get this process available to all districts.  We are in the final stages of the testing portion and expect this to be available to the districts by the end of this week.  Remember, although the "Open New Year" button may be visible, it does not mean that your district is ready to Open the New Year.  Make sure to communicate this with all the ePeGS data entry and authorized rep users at your district because once that button has been selected, it cannot be unselected.

DO NOT begin entry on the Special Education Plan until the person at your district with level 3 access to IMACS has rolled the previous plan into the new year.  If you begin to enter the Special Education Plan before this occurs, the information you entered WILL BE DELETED when the old plan is rolled forward. 

2.      If you entered a Special Education Plan in ePeGs last year, that plan will roll forward with the rest of the district's planning information.  Objectives/strategies that are no longer applicable to your new Special Education plan may need to be deleted, but ongoing objectives/strategies do not need to be deleted. You will need to work with personnel in your district to ensure those Objectives/strategies are not tied to other district plans as well before you delete them completely. 

3.      Previous messages had stated that the Special Education Needs Assessment will now be entered through an Additional Elements page; however, this is not yet available.  We have decided that for this improvement plan you will need to submit your Needs Assessment in a word document to the IMACS web reply (  ONLY THE NEEDS ASSESSMENT will be submitted this way.  The remainder of your improvement plan should be entered into ePeGs.

4.      Your budget information for your grant will still be completed in IMACS.  Once you have completed the plan in ePeGs you will need to hit the submit button in ePeGs.  This will pull over the information from ePeGs into IMACS.  There is a slight delay in this process and you may need to wait a few hours before it appears in IMACS.  At that point, the budget items can be entered in IMACS.  The plan must then also be submitted from IMACS.

As a reminder, the Special Education Improvement Plan is due March 1, 2010.  If you have any questions, feel free to call 573-751-0187.