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SB81 - Miscellaneous Education Provisions

Status: Approved by the Governor.

Section 143.183 is amended to provide that the nonresident entertainer tax will not apply to any person who makes a presentation for professional or technical education purposes, or to any presentation that is part of a seminar, conference, convention, school or program intended to provide professional or technical education. 

Beginning in the fiscal year 2013, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education may insure that each Regional Professional Development Center provide professional development educational assistance for fine arts instruction.

Currently, schools may transfer unrestricted funds from the capital projects fund to the incidental fund in any year in which that year's June thirtieth combined incidental and teachers' funds unrestricted balance compared to the combined incidental and teachers' funds expenditures would be less than ten percent without such transfer.  Section 165.011 is amended to change that balance percentage from less than ten percent to less than twenty percent.  It further allows school districts to make transfers from the capital projects fund to the incidental fund to avoid becoming financially stressed pursuant to Section 161.520.

Repeals the entire section, and removes an adjustment in weighted average daily attendance triggered by a decrease in summer school enrollment.