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Home Schooling Topics and Resources

These resources are provided as a convenience and a service for those seeking information about home schooling.  References to agencies or organizations outside the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education DO NOT constitute our endorsement.



The Missouri State Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education do not have authority to regulate private or home schools.  There is no program for the inspection, approval, or accreditation of home schools in Missouri.



Missouri does not have a statewide-adopted school curriculum nor is there a state-approved textbook listing.  The selection of instructional materials is the responsibility of parents who home school their children.  Missouri public, private, and home schooled students have the option to take online courses through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP).



There is no state recognized high school diploma for home schooled students.  Home schooled students may take the high school equivalency examination to obtain a high school equivalency certificate. 


Transfer Credit

Public School districts should have a written board adopted "assignment to grade level" policy which addresses the transfer of students from one school to another.  This policy should address the transfer of grades and credit requirements for that district.  The Department recommends requesting the policy from the enrolling district for more information regarding that district's transfer policy.  Many school district policy manuals are available on that district's website.