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Powerful Learning Conference

Registration for the 2015 Powerful Learning Conference is now available online!
January 26-27, 2015 – Tan-Tar-A Resort – Osage, Beach, MO.
Registration is only $200 before December 15th! 

To register, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and print a copy of the REGISTRATION BROCHURE.
  2. Review the brochure and all session descriptions while making note of the sessions you would like to attend.   
  3. After identifying your session choices, go to REGISTER ONLINE to begin your online registration. (Please NOTE, you will be required to make a lunch selection FIRST on Monday as that selection may determine other session options). 
  4. For assistance in registration, please contact Tammy Bagley at [email protected].  Or call her at: 573-881-4849. 

Nationally acclaimed keynote presenters this year are:

  • Bill Daggett, http://www.leadered.com/
    • "Connecting the 3R's - Rigor, Relevance and Relationships - in Instruction, Learning and Assessment" 
  • ​​Bruce Wellman, http://miravia.com/
    • "Creating Communities of Thought: Shaping Group Cultures to Promote Professional Learning" 

Nationally recognized speaker for luncheon session for leaders:

Over Fifty Breakout Sessions

  • Successful practitioners and regional consultants present on a variety of topics that impact instruction, learning and assessment. 

Post Conference Session

  • Bruce Wellman, http://miravia.com
    • "Got Data? Now What? Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry"


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