CONTACT:  Michele Clark
Communications Coordinator

Vol. 46, No. 6
January 26, 2012

National Education Organization Selects Board Members for Leadership Roles

Jones, Still chosen for committees; Archie serving on board

Two members of the Missouri State Board of Education have been selected to serve on committees for the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE).

Michael W. Jones, St. Louis, was named to the Governmental Affairs Committee. The role of the committee is to provide a forum for discussing issues that are the subject of federal legislation or are important to a number of states.

Russell C. Still, Columbia, was appointed to a technology study group for a year-long examination of issues surrounding the ever-expanding use of digital technology in K-12 education. As a member of the group, Still will meet with board members from other states, researchers and policy analysts to consider issues related to developing and implementing effective technology policies.

The group will study how policy can fully address the impact of technology on teaching and learning under the common core state standards for English-language arts and math. The group also will examine the relationship between technology and the social and emotional health of students.

The Rev. Stan Archie, Kansas City, vice president of the State Board, was re-elected last fall to serve another two-year term on the NASBE's board of directors as a representative of the central region.

Commissioner of Education Chris L. Nicastro praised Jones, Still and Archie for their commitment and vision for public education at the state and national levels.

“Our leaders from Missouri will be excellent additions to the national groups charged with addressing many of the challenges in education today,” Nicastro said. “Their work at the national level will greatly benefit our own efforts to serve the students of our state."