CONTACT:  Adult Education


Vol. 46, No. 38
May 14, 2012


Missouri to Participate in GED Test Pilot

Missouri's GED© Testing Program will pilot GED© testing on computer in preparation for the new GED© assessment being introduced in January, 2014.

GED© test registration and scheduling for two pilot locations will be available 24-hours a day, seven days a week beginning May 21. GED© testing on computer will be offered at St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, Mo., beginning May 22, and at Metropolitan Community College - Business & Technology Campus, Kansas City, Mo., beginning May 23.

“Over 350,000 Missourians have earned their high school equivalency certificate since the GED© test’s inception in 1942, and our graduates are proud of their success," said Don Eisinger, adult education coordinator for the Office of Adult Learning and Rehabilitation Services at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. "Earning a GED© is a gateway for individuals to find a job or better paying career, enter a college or training program, and/or better support themselves and their family."

Registration, scheduling and testing on computer will provide increased access of the test for individuals seeking to earn their high school credential. A number of additional benefits, which accompany the new system, include: an instant test score report, enhanced security and the ability to test at the student's own pace.

The GED© test on computer is the same test content currently offered on paper. A double-digit increase in the number of GED© test-takers is expected by the year 2013, therefore the Missouri GED© program has a goal of making GED© testing on computer available statewide by July, 2013. The state will continue to offer the paper-pencil version of the test until December 31, 2013. The five-section paper test currently costs a total of $40 and the computer-based test will cost $28 per section or $140 for the entire test.

Additionally, a new GED© assessment schedule will be released beginning January, 2014. Individuals taking the paper-based test will need to pass all five content areas prior to the new assessment schedule going into place, otherwise their test scores will expire during this transition period.

While testing and scheduling via computer are convenient for test-takers, GED Testing Service© warns there are those who may attempt to deceive unsuspecting individuals by creating confusion through online scams. The GED© test – whether on paper or computer – must be taken in-person at an official GED© testing center. Potential test-takers should not respond to individuals or so-called “institutions” offering an online GED© test.

“We receive one or more calls a week from consumers that have fallen victim to such scams," said Eisinger. "Be a smart consumer. There is no easy way to earn a high school credential. If you need help with preparing for the test, take advantage of the free instruction services offered at your local adult education and literacy program locations.”