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Vol. 46, No. 69
September 18, 2012

State Board Classifies Normandy as Unaccredited
Normandy's classification change is effective Jan. 1, 2013

The Missouri State Board of Education unanimously voted 7-0 today to reclassify the Normandy School District in St. Louis as unaccredited citing years of underperformance. A comparison of Normandy’s data shows their students’ 2012 MAP test scores in the bottom of the state below Kansas City and St. Louis school districts, which are already unaccredited.

“This decision was 20 years in the making,” said State Board member Mike Jones, who represents the St. Louis area. “How long do you stay in a model with a district where the children are not getting what they need? They don’t get a do over. It’s got to get better or you’ve got to do something else.”

The Normandy School District did not have sufficient points on their 2012 APR or on any 4th Cycle APR to be considered provisional. A district needs to meet nine standards for full accreditation, six for provisional accreditation and five or less is unaccredited. The State Board closely reviewed years of data on the district and heard from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff about the lack of progress made at the school with provisional accreditation classification.

“This decision gives us the opportunity to walk closely beside the district to provide what is best for the kids," said Board Vice President Rev. Stan Archie. “If we are graduating kids who aren't quite there, that is not what we want for Missouri's children.”

Commissioner of Education Chris L. Nicastro expressed concern about the gap between minority achievement and non-minority achievement in the state.

"The minority achievement gap is everyone’s concern. We need to come together as a state, a community. We all need to address it," said Nicastro. "It is unacceptable that we continue to graduate students that are not ready to succeed."

By state law, an unaccredited school district has two full years to achieve accreditation by demonstrating a sustainable level of academic progress.

“Although the State Board cannot immediately intervene due to current state statute, the Department will aid the Normandy School District in earning, not just provisional, but full accreditation status. But it needs to be earned,” said State Board President Peter F. Herschend.

The action was part of a larger agenda as the State Board determined accreditation classifications for school districts that needed classification or reclassification for the 4th Cycle of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP). The nine school districts that were classified today included: Climax Springs R-IV, Gorin R-III, Hickman Mills C-I, Morgan Co. R-I, Normandy, Scott Co. Central, Spickard R-II, University City and Winfield R-IV. All of these classification changes are effective immediately except for Normandy, which is effective Jan. 1, 2013.

The Hickman Mills C-1 School District met only seven out of the 14 state standards on their 2012 APR. The Board unanimously voted for a provisionally accredited classification for Hickman Mills near Kansas City. State staff will continue to work with the district as they implement a plan for improving student performance and to monitor the performance of the district during the transition to MSIP 5.

K-8 Districts Gorin R-III and Spickard R-II were also changed from accredited to provisionally accredited classification. K-8 districts must meet five out of seven state standards for full accreditation, four for provisional classification and three or less for unaccredited classification.

Classification actions taken today include:

Final Accreditation Classification for 4th Cycle MSIP

District Name
4th Cycle Classification
Previous Classification
2012 APR Performance Standards Met
Climax Springs R-IV Accredited Accredited 13 out of 14
Gorin R-III Provisionally Accredited Accredited 3 out of 7
Hickman Mills C-I Provisionally Accredited Accredited 7 out of 14
Morgan Co. R-I Accredited Provisionally Accredited 12 out of 14
Normandy Unaccredited (Jan. 1) Provisionally Accredited 5 out of 14
Scott Co. Central Accredited Accredited 10 out of 14
Spickard R-II (E) Provisionally Accredited Accredited 3 out of 7
University City Accredited Accredited 10 out of 14
Winfield R-IV Accredited Accredited 13 out of 14


Missouri has 520 school districts for the 2012-2013 school year and 506 of those are fully accredited. Three districts are currently unaccredited including St. Louis Public Schools, Kansas City Missouri School District and Riverview Gardens. Normandy remains provisionally accredited through January 1, 2013. Eleven districts are provisionally accredited: Calhoun R-VIII, Caruthersville 18, Gilliam C-4, Gorin R-III, Hayti R-II, Hickman Mills C-I, Jennings, Malta Bend R-V, Normandy, Spickard R-II and Swedeborg R-III.

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