CONTACT:  Michele Clark
Communications Coordinator


Vol. 45, No. 99

Nov. 1, 2011

State Education Agency Announces Social Media Sites

Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced today its presence on social networking websites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  The new communications channels will allow the Department to tap into now essential and commonly used methods for sharing information and engaging with the public.

“The Department is committed to effectively using a variety of communication methods to ensure the public, our partners, and program participants are informed and engaged as we work together to improve and celebrate public education in Missouri,” said Michele Clark, communications coordinator at the Department.  “Social media will not replace existing communication channels, rather they will be enhanced by providing the Department and the public a new dimension of sharing and engagement.”

Individuals can now "like" the Department on Facebook, follow the department on Twitter @MOEducation and the Commissioner of Education @MOCommissioner, and view videos on YouTube.

The social media sites are administered by the Department’s communications office and links to all of these sites can be found at