Director, Public Information

Vol. 44, No. 40

May 20, 2010


“Special Administrative Board” Named to Lead

Riverview Gardens School District

The State Board of Education today appointed a three-person “special administrative board” to assume governance of the Riverview Gardens School District, effective July 1.

Meeting this morning in Jefferson City, the State Board approved recommendations by Commissioner of Education Chris L. Nicastro to intervene in the 6,600-student school district, located in north St. Louis County, which has been unaccredited since 2007.  Under state law, the district will “lapse” June 30, requiring the State Board of Education to intervene.

Today’s action marks the third time that state education officials have authorized the creation of an appointed board to replace an elected board of education in a public school district.

The State Board approved the appointment of the following individuals: 

  • Dr. Lynn Beckwith, a veteran Missouri educator who currently serves as professor of urban education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  He worked for many years in the St. Louis Public Schools and was superintendent of the University City School District from 1993-2000. 

  • Ms. Veronica Morrow-Reel is a loan coordinator for Citizens National Bank in Maplewood.  She is a resident of the Riverview Gardens Schools District and has been active in district activities for many years.  She lives in Dellwood and is a member of the Dellwood Board of Aldermen. 

  • Dr.  Mark Tranel has been director of the Public Policy Research Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis since 2003.  He formerly served as director of development for the Economic Council of St. Louis County.  He resides in the school district and has been active on district committees for many years.

The Special Administrative Board does not have authority until July 1, but it will begin working immediately to prepare for the transition in leadership of the district, Nicastro said.

“There is a tremendous amount of work for the new board and district leadership to do in turning the page for Riverview Gardens and assuring that there is no disruption in services for students,” Nicastro said.

“I am confident that this board is committed to working with the Riverview Gardens staff and community to improve academic achievement by all students.  We will provide whatever support the district needs in its efforts to regain accreditation,” she said.

All current contracts between the school board and current staff and vendors will terminate June 30 when the district lapses.  As a result, the Special Administrative Board will have to issue new contracts for all administrators, employees and vendors as they prepare for the next school year.  


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