CONTACT:  Michele Clark
Communications Coordinator

Vol. 44, No. 86

December 16, 2010


New Missouri Education Logo Unveiled

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education unveiled its new logo this week. It is the first time a new logo has been introduced for the department since the original one was created in 1974.  After more than 35 years, the torch of learning has been updated and continues to be a traditional mainstay of the logo.

New Department logo

New logo

Old Department logo

Old logo

“We have had many positive comments on the new image,” said Michele Clark, communications coordinator. “It helps create a renewed brand for Missouri public education.”

“Communication is a critically important function for the department, one that we aim to continually improve,” she said.” As we enter the new year, we look forward to a refreshed and more consistent appearance to our materials and our website to help the public and our many stakeholders identify with the state agency and Missouri public education.”

The project began this fall within the Department’s communications office. Help was enlisted from a group of members of the Missouri School Public Relations Association, communications students from the University of Missouri, department staff and many others.  Hughes, a St. Louis-based communications firm, introduced logo concepts for consideration and assisted with the final product.