CONTACT:  Michele Clark
Communications Coordinator

Vol. 44, Number 58

July 27, 2010


Nicastro Addresses State Committee on Education Future


Commissioner of Education Chris L. Nicastro provided a briefing today to a group of state senators and leaders considering future education policy.


The Missouri Senate Educated Citizenry 2020 Committee, chaired by Sen. David Pearce, met at the Metropolitan Community College’s Health Science Institute in Kansas City.  The group is charged with examining aspects of education policy and developing a long-term strategy for ensuring access to quality education.


Nicastro said the state’s education system is producing middle-of-the-pack results in nearly all national measures of student performance.


“That is not what the students of Missouri deserve or expect,” she said.


In outlining the goals and plans for the Department’s education reform initiative, Nicastro emphasized the importance of early childhood education, as well as preparing high school graduates who are college- and career-ready and can compete internationally.


“As we face a severe economic crisis, the long-term response of the federal, state and local governments to the educational needs of young children is important,” Nicastro said.  “Increasingly, all of us have come to understand the consequences of an inadequate education.”