We Shall Overcome
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The pictures on this page are intended for educational use only by students and teachers doing units on Missou







ri History.

Old photo of poor minority family Duke Ellington and other jazz musician at piano Louis Armstrong
Lester Young Jazz musician Duke Ellington orchestra
Satchel Paige of the Kansas City Monarchs Sellout at the Kansas City Monarchs game Team photo of the Kansas City Monarchs
Duke Ellington and fellow jazz musicians Farmer plowing field Louis Armstrong
Lester Young Orchestra Ella Fitzgerald Count Basie
Charlie "Yardbird" Parker Louis Armstrong Old car parts in former Lincoln School
Sharecroppers assembling in protest Class photo of Lincoln School Trash in former Lincoln School
Photo of the Lincoln School Sharecroppers assembling in protest Sharecropper protest shantytown
Man next to 1330's style car 18th and Vine district, Kansas City, MO (circa 1330) Car driving past protestors
Count Basie Ella Fitzgerald National Guard tending to civil protestor, Kansas City riots
Kansas City riots Jefferson Bank protest; Kansas City, MO Kansas City riots
Jefferson Bank protest, Kansas City, MO Ivory Perry protestors Ivory Perry
Sharecropper assembling in protest Sharecropper shantytown Sharecropper shantytown
Sharecropper shantytown Children sleeping in sharecropper shantytown Sharecroppers assembling in protest.
Sharecroppers planning protest Louis Armstrong sign The Blue Room
Interior of The Blue Room Juke box 18th & Vine street signs
Pink Door & Pool signs Neon Pool sign Jazz sign
Swing Shop Steam heated rooms for men sign Rothenburg School of Social Grace
Hey Hey Club The American Jazz Museum Barber Shop sign
18th and Vine District Kansas City Jazz Museum Gem Theater
Kansas City Jazz Museum District Sign: Jazz: A Montage of a Dream The Blue Room
Minority-owned business in Kansas City (circa 1940) Minority-owned business in Kansas City (circa 1940) Pool hall (circa 1945)
Historic photo of 18th & Vine district Lincoln Theatre sign Flier from minority owned business
Black & white photo of parkway in Kansas City Photo of Engine House No. 11 Engine House No. 11
Marching band in 18th & Vine district Pilots People in front of movie theater
Robert Kennedy; Martin Luther King, Jr.; John Kennedy Public Swimming Pool (White Only) sign Minority soldier platoon
Marching military band Vine Street sign Soldier holding flag
Platoon of soldiers Sketch of minority soldiers in Civil War Soldier & flag
Record player Trolley cars in Kansas City zz


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