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Finding Missouri: Our History & Heritage

Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage Video Series

This program consists of nineteen video units that explore the excitement and drama of Missouri History.  Come along as we take you and your students on the following great adventures: 





Unit 1:  Series Introduction

Introduces the concept of historical research & defines the structure of the program.   

Unit 2:  The Lay of the Land

A discussion of the geology & geography of Missouri. 

Unit 3:  The Ancient Ones

An exploration of Missouri's oldest cultures. 

Unit 4:  A Meeting of Cultures

Native American & European cultures meet at old Ste. Genevieve.

Unit 5:  Gateway West 

The coming of the Americans, Lewis & Clark, & the Louisiana Purchase, from Ft. Osage. 

Unit 6: A State is Born

Law comes to the frontier at the first State Capital in St. Charles. 

Unit 7: Coming to Missouri

A celebration of our immigrant past hosted in Hermann, Missouri.

Unit 8: Coming Through

Explore the lives of three men as Missourians explore trails west in Arrow Rock. 

Unit 9: Portrait of a River Town

Explore Missouri society with Mark Twain in Hannibal, Missouri. 

Unit 10:  What Do We Stand For?

Slavery, Dred Scott & the  Old Courthouse. 

Unit 11:  Divided and Torn

The Civil War  rages at Wilson's Creek. 

Unit 12:  Changing Places

Women  change their roles. 

Unit 13:  Growth of the Cities

Explore our state's urban centers. 

Unit 14:  Come to the Fair

Technology is the main exhibit at the 1904 World's Fair. 

Unit 15:  Old Routes, New Trails

Explore the changing face of transportation on old Route 66.

Unit 16:  The View From Independence 

A Missourian in the White House.  Truman's world view.

Unit 17:  We Shall Overcome

Missourians stand up for their civil rights.  

Unit 18:  Missouri's Resources

The natural environment preserved. 

Unit 19:  History Begins at Home

Students preserve their cultural heritage.