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Unit 6: A State is Born

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Listed below are possible research or discussion topics, online lesson plans, resources and other materials.  As you look through this list please consider that this series can work for grades 4-12, with an emphasis on 7th grade. Also consider that the series will be used with different purposes for different grade levels. This is by no means a complete list of resources, and we cannot guarantee the life span and quality of the web site addresses.

Research Topics

  • Alexander McNair
  • Missouri Limestone
  • "Territory vs. State"
  • Burning of the Capitol
  • Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City
  • The First State Capitol in St. Charles
  • House of Representatives
  • The Missouri Compromise of 1820
  • William Clark
  • Missouri's First Legislature
  • Senate


  • William Clark: A New Perspective of Missouri Territorial Politics
    Steffen, Jerome 
    Missouri Historical Review
    Columbia, Mo.
  • Three Missouri State and Statehood Founders
    Shoemaker, Floyd
    Missouri Historical Review
    Columbia, Mo.
  • The American Territorial System: Missouri’s Experience
    Foley, William E.
    Missouri Historical Review
    Columbia, Mo.
  • The Admission of Missouri
    March, David
    Missouri Historical Review
    Columbia, Mo.

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