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Unit 15: Old Routes New Trails - Photo Gallery

Postcard of Coral Court Motel Old fashioned car in Onondaga Cave
Meramec Caverns sign on barn Looking through the windshield of an old-fashioned car
Coral Court Motel Room Postcard picture of Coral Court
Coral Court Motel Coral Court Motel sign
Big Boy with burger Indian Village motel
Family having picnic near car on Route 66 Car hop sitting on convertible
Man in front of old-fashioned car People pushing car
Route 66, next to railroad tracks Old fashioned car next to building
Street scene Men sitting on car
Family sitting on car Men working on engine in old car
Aerial photo of highway system Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St. Louis, MO
Coral Court Motel sign Car in museum
Old car in museum Museum display
La Casa Grande Motel on Route 66 Front of La Casa Grande Motel
La Casa Granda Motel sign Motel on Route 66
Destruction of Coral Court Motel Phillips 66 neon sign in Route 66 State Park
Red Cedar Inn People dancing in cave
Old fashioned cars in street Sandwich Shop
The Diamonds Steiny's Inn
Chain of Rocks Bridge Chain of Rocks/Fun Fair
Health Nurse approving gas station restrooms Frozen Custard Store
Route 66 & gas pump in Route 66 State Park Old fashioned gas station
Cleanup in Times Beach, MO Attendants at old fashioned gas station
Model of truck in Route 66 State Park Texaco sign in Route 66 State Park
Gas station pump in Route 66 State Park Picture map of Route 66 on display
Route 66 sign Old fashioned car in showrooom
Front end of old fashioned car Close up of tire
Thunderbird logo on car