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Statement from the Department regarding the State Auditor’s Review

The Department is in receipt of the Auditor’s letter regarding the procurement process used to award the contract for a study of options to address chronic under-performing schools. We appreciate the Auditor’s feedback.

We would also like to note several important points:

1. The letter is the result of a “limited review and analysis of the procurement process” by the Auditor’s office. Preliminary discussions determined that an official audit was unnecessary, resulting in a review process.

State Board of Education Receives Update on Criteria for Accredited with Distinction Classification

The State Board of Education heard an update during Tuesday’s State Board meeting regarding proposed criteria for districts to be classified as “Accredited with Distinction.”

Under the proposal, districts must earn at least 90 percent of the points possible on the current Annual Performance Report (APR), and APR status scores for all standards must be “On Track” or “2020 Target.” The classification will be made using each year’s APR from the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP 5) which includes the following standards:

Statement from Commissioner Nicastro to North St. Louis County Community

Schools in the St. Louis area are starting this week and next. This should be a time of excitement and renewal, not tragedy and despair. Sadly, Michael Brown will never have the chance to pursue his dreams. We implore the wonderful people of North County to surround the children in the area with care and concern. This strong community has overcome racial divisions for many years. Now is the time to demonstrate how to live together with peace, justice and a shared commitment to a bright future for all.