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Missouri State Plan for Career Education

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This page contains the text of a regulation adopted by the Missouri State Board of Education.  An official copy of the full text of this regulation is contained in the Code of State Regulations, published by the Office of Secretary of State.

(All documents are in a PDF format.) A note about PDF documents.

Missouri State Plan for Career Education 

The State Plan is in a PDF format that is incorporated by reference 
to 5 CSR 60-120.010.*



State Plan Cover Page

Table of Contents

Part A:  State Plan Narrative

I.  Planning, Coordination, and Collaboration Prior to Plan Submission

II.  Program Administration

III.  Provision of Services for Special Populations

IV.  Administration and Evaluation

V.  Tech Prep Programs

VI.  Financial Requirements

VII. EDGAR Certifications and Other Assurances

Part B:  Budget Forms (Searching for document)

Part C:  Accountability Forms

I.  Student Definitions

II. & III. Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels Form (FAUPL)

A.  Secondary Level

B.  Post Secondary/Adult Level


Appendix A:  Public Comments and Responses

Appendix B:  Perkins Five-Year Strategic Plan (Secondary & Postsecondary)

Appendix C:  FY 2009 Title I Part C Allocations (Secondary) and Tech Prep Consortium Allocations

Appendix D:  Letter from Office of Administration

Appendix E:  Certification Regarding Lobbying

Appendix F:  Assurances - Non-Construction Programs

Appendix G:  Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements

Appendix H:  Certification Regarding Deharment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters

Appendix I:  EDGAR Certifications

*NOTE:  Recommend Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher.

For more information regarding this document, 
please contact the Division of Career Education at (573) 751-2660.