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Frequently Asked Questions

[Grade Point Average] [Missouri General Education Assessment]

Grade Point Average

The focus regarding the change in grade point average is upon the exit or completion date of the candidates program. The new certification requirements will be in effect for all program completers beginning Spring 2017.

1. If a student enters the program in fall 2012 but does not finish until spring 2017, does that student have to meet the new exit requirements?  Many of our students take longer than four years to graduate and I need clarification for those who will be in the program during this transition time. 

2. If the focus is on the date of completion, rather than the date of entrance, we could potentially have several students who have been in the program but will now need to meet the new GPA requirement.  This scenario would be nearly impossible for those having around 120 credit hours and are just trying to finish.  A student’s GPA moves very slightly with that many hours. 

In response to questions 1 and 2, the new grade point average requirements (2.75 cumulative, 3.00 content, and 3.00 professional education) will be in effect for all candidates applying for educator certification beginning in spring 2017.  Yes, the candidates who entered educator preparation programs in fall 2012 will need to meet the new GPA requirements if they complete their work during the Spring Semester of 2017.

Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)

1. I would like to know when these changes will be announced and what we need to do to prepare for these changes? 

Memos were sent to the educator preparation programs for distribution to students, faculty/staff, and educator preparation leaders on January 15, 2013.  The CollegeBASE will not be administered as an entry assessment for teacher preparation after December 31, 2013.  There are four remaining dates when candidates can take the complete test and the individual subtests.  The remaining 2013 test dates are:  March 16-23, June 10-15, and July 29-August 3.  Candidates who need to pass one or more of the subtests will need to pass those on one of two remaining test dates:  September 24-31 and November 18-23.  Candidates who have not passed the complete assessment will have to pass the new test beginning on January 1, 2014. 


2. I just want to be clear on the administration of the CBASE.  If students pass all sections, they have met the requirement.  For those who did not pass all sections of the CBASE, will there be remaining test windows in 2013? 

3. When are the last opportunities to pass remaining CBASE subtests only?

In response to questions 2 and 3, candidates who have passed all sections of the CollegeBASE prior to September 1, 2013 will have met the general education requirement.  After that date, candidates who need to pass one or more subtests, will have two remaining 2013 test windows: September 14-21 and November 18-23..

4. When will the new test be administered and will it be similar to CBASE? 

The new assessment will be similar with having subtests in English/language arts, writing, mathematics, science, and social scienceThe new test will be available starting September 23, 2013.

5.  I am a freshman Education major and just started class. I have not taken any of my education classes yet.  Do I need to take the CBASE test now?  I am not quite sure I am ready to take it, but if it is required to take now then I will sign up. 

We would suggest that you wait and take the new general education assessment.  The MoGEA will be offered beginning in September 2013.  Information related to registration, testing dates, locations, and preparation materials will be released in April.


6. Will the MoGEA resemble the CBASE in that it will require a minimum score?

MoGEA will resemble the CollegeBASE.  The assessment will have subtests for English/language arts, writing, mathematics, science, and social science.  The writing exercise will focus on a topic related to education.  There will be Missouri Qualifying Scores established for each of the subtests.  The Missouri Qualifying Scores will be set by the Missouri State Board of Education.