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Subject Competencies

Compiled by the MO Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education

Preface, Introduction, and Notes
Administration (Revised 4/2009)
Building Leaders
Special Education Director
Career Education Director
Agriculture (Revised 8/2008)
Art (6/2007)
Business (6/2007)
School Counselors (Revised 8/2008)
Driver's Education (3/2003)
Early Childhood (1/2004)
Early Childhood Special Education (Revised 4/2005)


English/Language Arts (Revised 1/2005)
English for Speakers of Other Languages (Revised 11/2005)
Family/Consumer Science (Revised 8/2008)
Foreign Language (Revised 11/2005)
Gifted (2/2004)
Health (Revised 3/2006)
Industrial Technology (Revised 4/2009)
Journalism (Revised 8/2008)
Library/Media Specialist (6/2007)
Marketing (6/2007
Mathematics (4/2003)

Middle School

Music (Vocal/Choral or Instrumental) (Revised 3/2006)
Physical Education (Revised 3/2006)
Social Science (Revised 1/2005)


Unified Science

Special Education

Content for Special Educators (Revised 8/2008)