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Office of Data System Management


News and Updates

Visit the Top 10 by 20 Dashboard - 10/3/2013

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has a Top 10 by 20 dashboard that includes a number of state and national measures, data and comparisons. It continues to be updated with the release of new data. Visit our Top 10 by 20 website to view the monitoring dashboard.

Missouri Growth Model Update - 10/3/2013

Student growth is the change in academic achievement (as measured by the grade-level Missouri Assessment Program exams in English language arts and mathematics) for an individual student between two or more points in time. The Missouri Growth Model calculates how much students "grew" relative to predictions.  These predictions are based on prior exam score, and student mobility.  Average student mobility rates and average prior-year test scores are also used.

MOSIS Back to School Webinar - 9/23/2013

This webinar covers the Core Data and MOSIS data collections for the beginning of the 2013-14 school year including the August, October, and December Cycles.  Individuals responsible for collection and submission of Core Data and MOSIS should view this webinar.

Upcoming Webinars

School personnel are invited to participate in the monthly webinars conducted by the Office of Data System Management.


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